Campbell says SC should create more energy

The Senate may have a lot on its plate this session, but one issue that a Lowcountry senator stands firm on is how increasing the state’s electric power output could help solve some other problems and create jobs at the same time. On SCETV’s “This Week in the Senate” Berkeley Senator Paul Campbell said South Carolina needs to get to work on obtaining more nuclear energy.

We can get that a little bit with wind, a little bit with biomass, a little bit with natural gas and a little bit with conservation efficiency. Every time you replace an appliance, refrigerator, dishwasher, a dryer or clothes washer, you are going to become more energy independent. So, we can pick up 1,000 or so megawatts on efficiency or energy, we can pick up maybe 1,000 or so on wind, we can probably pick up close to 1,000 on biomass, but it’s going to take a system in place to get that ready.

Campbell says South Carolina needs about a 30 percent increase in energy to keep up.
If you grow at one percent, it’s about 25 percent, if you grow at two percent, it’s 47 percent. And, we are going to grow in South Carolina, population’s coming, we are going to electric cars, our flat screen TV’s use more energy. We have to be ready, because if we are not, we’re going to be left behind, and we’re not going to create jobs because we won’t have the energy to do that.

Campbell says when it comes to energy in the state, it could be the key to economic development and future jobs in the state.

We have seven reactors in South Carolina. We have one in Hartsville, we have one in Jenkinsville, we are going to add two more in Jenkinsville, I think we have three in Oconee, we have two in York County, and they all have a very good safety record and employ a lot of people. You want to talk about economic development, what’s going on in Jenkinsville is roughly a $10 billion project. Ten billion is going to put a lot of people to work for a number of years and going to put a lot of permanent jobs in place.

Campbell says with an economic development project what you want to do is start with South Carolinians, so more residents are put to work.

Article Courtesy of South Carolina Radio Network

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